Boosted Board Generation 2 Review

Every kid who grew up riding skateboards has dreamed of owning a motorized or electric skateboard. I've recently purchased a Boosted Board Dual+ and have put about 50 miles on it and I can honestly say that my childhood dream has become fulfilled. The Boosted Board 2nd Generation has received some minor updates which make it an excellent option for short, daily commutes. After a long waitlist, some people waiting almost a year, the board is finally available. My board came in just a week after my order.

Boosted Board Characteristics

Boosted Board has been around for a few years, mostly made popular due to Casey Neistat riding these as his primary source of transportation through the streets of New York. If you live in a big city, these boards are a great alternative to riding a bike or scooter due to their convenience. You can bring these boards in with you, without having to lock them up outside. I live in Los Angeles, and riding this board near the beach is an amazing experience.

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New Upgrades

Top speed for the boosted board is 22 mph and the motor is smooth and responsive with good acceleration. The deck itself is a variation of the Loaded Vanguard, which is a sleek and well-balanced board with good flex. Once of the biggest updates for Version 2 was that it now comes equipped with 80mm Orangatang wheels, which give a much smoother ride and can easily ride over cracks and bumps on the road. Also, the bigger wheels feel much more stable and responsive at higher speeds for carving. The trucks are custom made by Boosted, which allow you to carve at higher speeds. I felt the trucks were slightly loose out of the box and I tightened them just a bit. Also, the board is now water resistant, which was a huge issue on the last model. No longer do you need to swerve around puddles!

The Battery

casey neistat boosted board review

The stock battery is a 99Wh removable battery which is safe for airplanes and travel. The battery lasts about 6-7 miles depending on what ride mode you are on (more on that later). There is an option when you order online to purchase the extended range 199Wh battery for $199, which is half off the regular price. This provides 12-14 miles, which is plenty for commuting in the city. The larger capacity battery is not available yet and will be around Q4 this year. This larger capacity battery does carry some extra weight and will not be approved for air travel. You can easily swap out the battery to make the change.

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The remote control is Bluetooth enabled which connects to the board. The connection is super quick, almost instant, and responsive. The remote feels sturdy and is very ergonomic. While connected, you can tell how much battery life is left by just one quick press on the button. Using the remote, you can toggle through the different ride modes. They are Beginner, Eco, Advanced, and Pro. Beginner and Eco will give you the best range, but with less performance. Riding on Pro will drain your battery quite fast, but will give you the best performance. I personally keep it on Advanced, I still want to go fast and have fun on my board, while getting decent range.

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The App

There is an app available for download, but only on iOS (sorry Android!). The app connects to both the remote and board and can update the firmware. On the app, you can see the odometer and the distance of your last ride on the board. It also has a quick start guide on the top left in case you forget anything.

Final Thoughts

For those of you who have been riding for a while should have no problem riding the Boosted Board. After a few minutes on Beginner and Eco, I Immediately put it on Advanced and had no issues with the acceleration and balance, but I have been riding skateboards and longboards my entire life. If you're a new rider, it's best to start on a quiet street and lots of room to get a handle on the acceleration, balance and the control wheel on the remote.

The board is expensive, prices start at around $999 and up to $1499 for the Dual+. But the board is extremely durable and you should have no issue riding it hard and being a little rough with it. This will be something that will last for years and replacing the removable battery will give the board a long life, along with regular maintenance. 

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